Mine is and will always be the monk.

  1. fangirlobsessed answered: MONK!!! HELL YES!!!!!!!!!
  2. luckykatze answered: All Cleric, Every Cleric.
  3. lawfulgoodness answered: Paladin. Which will probably surprise exactly no one.
  4. chuck137 answered: In 4e i was partial to warlock, but thanks to Clerics get no Love, i’ve really became a die hard cleric player.
  5. unique-exemplar answered: Favorite class based on lore: Druid.
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  7. bigfangirl answered: Artificer or Warlock are both awesome
  8. panromanticgargleblasters answered: Bard! :D
  9. geekinfinity answered: wizard, ranger, thief, sword/shield fighter in that order
  10. twistedevilbitch answered: Always a theif….not sure why…
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    Ranger. Even post 3.5
  12. atosen answered: My alltime favourite character — a badass with character development, all you could ever want! — was a Barbarian, so I’ll go with that.
  13. adiwan answered: I used to play a wizard but I’m becoming fond of playing a rogue.
  14. lair-master answered: My first character was a bard, and they’ve been my favorite ever since.
  15. woody--love answered: Which edition? 1st edition Assassin, 2nd edition: Ranger, 2nd edition plus: specialty priest, other editions: Ranger
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    Rogue. Brings plenty of playing/flavour options to the table.
  17. darkcomputerguru answered: Thief / Illouionist. Was alwasy able to cast my own shadows to hide in.
  18. clusterpod answered: Bard
  19. zimmay answered: Paladin! But I think it takes a very specific, well developed kind of character to get them just right.
  20. impscorner answered: Toss between fighter and druid… depends on my mood really. lean towards fighter more
  21. rpgwizzard answered: Wizard for 3.5 and prior. Warlord for 4e.
  22. skinnyghost answered: Paladin. Forever and ever. Most philosophically complex class ever.
  23. fullnelsonclan answered: Fighter because I am a tank at heart and because they are so easy to flavor
  24. eytancragg answered: barbarian! or mage.
  25. nietzschesghost answered: Hybrid Monk/Sorcerer, 4e :)
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    Hell yeah monks!
  27. nerdwench answered: Barbarian
  28. floatingdisc answered: Bard! Ever since my first epic level bard in 3.5, and now I’m touring Faerun as an undead heavy metal troubador.
  29. dndgeekgirl answered: I love Clerics.
  30. meshlamtaea answered: rogue/fighter
  31. publicopinionrp answered: Warlord
  32. geekgirlsmash answered: Rogue
  33. adventuresofanerd answered: D&D: Cleric … PF: Summoner
  34. blackdogrunning answered: Hmm. Psion, probably. Or wizard.
  35. nerdcomingoutofthenerdcloset answered: I very much enjoy bards
  36. fictionalized answered: Rogue. Always my favorite.
  37. doctornecrotic answered: Dread necromancer!
  38. pompactionjohnny answered: Paladin, hands down
  39. the-concept-specialist answered: sorcerer
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