In the D&D 4E campaign I’m running, I’m expecting the party to spend some time wandering and exploring. I’m trying to build some encounter tables, including non-combat, possibly non-hostile encounters, and if anyone wants to submit ideas I’d be glad to consider them.

Note: Most of these encounters are going to be something brief and simple, like they find the corpse of some explorer and can loot it or they find an enchanted well that’ll do something to whoever drinks from it. There is the chance they’ll encounter something bigger, like a small dungeon or something else that could be lengthier.


Our valiant stand at Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder RPG where we didn’t have big enough minis, so we used plushies that becna made. We also had to get creative with our soda bottles- we were mostly flying, so we stacked them on bottles. Guest featuring becna and wingsontheside ‘s beautiful faces. :) the game was run by neurocease. The large black bases are my necromancer’s 26 ghouls.