Experimenting with printing tiles to magnetic paper. Conclusion: magnetic Inked Adventures tiles work great if you’re using an overturned fridge as a table. ;)

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D&D podcasting right now :D We have almost 100 subscribers now so we threw confetti in the air and danced around. This is the one day a week that I drink Mountain Dew, because its essential to drink it while playing D&D.

We just found this really nice review today, I want to frame it, it’s so nice ;-;

If anyone listens, let me know what you think! :)

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Our newest shirt.  (Way better than a regular GM!)

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I don’t always draw pretty-boy elves, but when I do, they’re lawful evil high-elf necromancers who consort with demon-familiars and are on fire. 

Lazerus comes from a mountain dwelling clan of high elves and found out that his woodland kin were being slaughtered and oppressed by a human civilizations. Now he loathes and fights back at humans with a determination that borders on the genocidal. 

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Random Magic Sword Properties

Table stolen from Hack & Slash

01-29) Weapon Glows (See color table)
30-34) Weapon glows (See color table) when a certain monster is nearby
35-39) Weapon Drips (See substance table)
40-44) When Swung the Weapon leaves Tracers (See Color table)
45-49) Sword is surrounded by (See surrounded by table)
50-54) Blade is Colored Force (See color table)
55-59) Sounds (See sounds table) Occur when Blade Strikes
60-64) A Visual Display (See visual display table) Occurs when Blade Strikes
65-69) Strike against target leaves marks (See Marks Table) around wounds
70-75) Blade Exudes an exotic but pungent scent (See Odors Table)
76-78) Blade of weapon is invisible (All the time, during daylight, during darkness, above ground, underground)
79) Weapon Hums
80) Weapon Vibrates
81) Weapon Whistles
82) Weapon Chuckles
83) Weapon whispers secrets
84) Runes Appear on Sword
85) Runes Appear in Air near sword
86) Shines
87) Always polished
88) Always bloody
89) Blade swivels
90) Liquid in Blade
91) Blade Drinks in Blood
92) Blade is Like a Liquid Conforming to a Solid Shape
93) Weapon is Translucent
94) Blade is Made of Metal Scales that Sometimes Pulse Open
95) Weapon causes those nearby to feel an emotion.
96) Weapon flutters in the breeze like a silk ribbon
97) Weapon sprouts spikes transitory and intermittently.
98) Weapon is weightless
99) Roll Twice
100) Roll 3 Times


1. Ichor
2. Sap
3. Blood
4. Tears
5. Fire
6. Poison
7. Water
8. Wax


1. White
2. Gold
3. Silver
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Red
7. Purple
8. Rose

Surrounded By:

1. Motes
2. Dust
3. Wind
4. Steam
5. Smoke
6. Leaves


1. Shriek
2. Thunder
3. Laughter
4. Single Note
5. Humm
6. Animal Roar or Growl

Visual Display:

1. Sparks
2. Stars
3. Light Burst
4. Fire
5. Electricity
6. Cold

Marks Table:

1. Frozen Flesh
2. Charred Flesh
3. Golden (or any metallic) Flesh
4. Rotted Flesh


1. Musky- perfumes/aftershave
2. Putrid- rotten eggs
3. Pungent- vinegar
4. Camphoraceous- mothballs
5. Ethereal- dry cleaning fluid
6. Floral- roses
7. Pepperminty- mint gum



Is it crazy that I am only now reading through the 4e D&D rules for the first time? I have weird feelings about the alignment simplification. It’s strange to preserve only SOME aspects of the chaotic-neutral-lawful axis but not all. Weird weird weird.

Is it really?

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I don’t think I’ve been this satisfied with how a DND adventure turned out in a while. This was quite possibly the best piece of interactive literature I’ve ever written in half an hour (and then improvised more than half of it).

Infinite mansions with rooms changing behind closed doors, gray-aligned characters, and moral and philosophical dilemmas are my favorite things.

Plus, I love a good vampire castle. Especially when the players have to question preconceived notions about inherent evil.

And when you have a sex-fiend Ardent who makes out with other characters to create a crazy emotional atmosphere in everyone’s head so they get ridiculously lost so that they can find the door in the cliff face - things are just fun.

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And We Played…


So we’ve actually gotten quite a few DnD sessions in since I last logged it in.

I’m still running both campaigns; one with a couple high-school friends and their betrothed, and one with a few of my friends that are in a band that I still keep up with.

The high-school friends are not well versed in DnD or any table-top really and so we kind of play the ‘anything goes’ style with them. Which is great because there’s been plenty off-the-wall decisions that they’ve made that have been super rewarding and fun.

But in the session before this one, we ran out of official DnD tile maps, and so we had to resort to my white boards. Which ended up being great because I absolutely loved drawing up maps at-will. My only reservation is that I should have carried more than just a blue and a red dry-erase marker, brown and grey would have been excellent.

We didn’t get to hack through too much of the game, because a few of them had lectures in the morning so we couldn’t stay up too late, though that didn’t stop my crown & cokes ;)


From here you can see my GM stuff separated from their game. We are still running with figures for Player Characters, and tokens for Non-Playables. I’m hoping to amend this by hitting up Amazon soon.

(There’s also an irrelevant stray Magic: The Gathering card in the top left)


Here we are being interrupted by someone not in the game. Which is typical because this group is REALLY susceptible to distractions.

Anyways, we ended early on the beginning of the campaign Keep On The Shadowfell, which is a freely published beginner campaign from DnD Insider which you can get here.


After that night, I started back with the band group. Which I guess from here, I’m just going to drop that they are called Old Sun, they are a local college band that plays general rock music, and they’re super nice guys. Here’s their band page. Go listen to them.

But anyways, unfortunately, the Old Sun guys move REALLY slow. But it’s also a bonus in some situations because there’s a couple of them that are familiar enough with DnD to play it the fun way, exploring different options that I have no way of preparing for and it leaves me grabbing dice making random calls that make DMing super fun.

But they are still on the beginning Red Box campaign and we’ve actually moved back to 3.5 rules with this group.

About half-way through the Red Box, I decided to make a HUGE change.

One of the players rolled the character Dio Brando, from the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In this anime, Dio Brando is an extremely evil villain who finds a stone mask, that when blood is spilled upon it, may be worn to turn himself into a super-villain evil vampire overlord.

Well, the player who rolled Dio first wanted to just role-play his personality. But I’m sure it was wonderful when the party opened a treasure chest to find an ancient stone mask.

After another encounter in which blood was spilled on the mask, Dio Brando put it on to become an unstopable vampiric demon and the party actually did what I wanted to do and they RAN AWAY. But in order to do so, the party Wizard had to cast a slowing spell on Dio and leave their horse, Chim Richalds, to block the door for their escape. The party successfully retreats as they hear their old befriended horse crying in pain.

So needless to say, they want to play again soon.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of this game, it was super low-light in their dorm and we were having too much fun for us to stop anyway.

But here’s a picture of me preparing for two consecutive nights of Dming


More to come at some point, I promise!

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"Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone"

  • Official Xbox Magazine, November 2004 (#34)

This game is really, really good.

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